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Shizuoka's Tea: Japan's Best in Production & Quality!


Shizuoka's geographical and meteorological conditions are very suitable for tea production, and through the ages Shizuoka has been a well known place for excellent tea productions. Especially after the Yokohama port was opened in 1859 (6th year of Ansei), Tea became one of Japan's most important export items and many tea plantations were opened within throughout Shizuoka Prefecture area. Tea industry has continued to develop with advancements such as mechanized production and improved breeding technologies.
Tea production in Shizuoka reflects a result of continuing efforts of people in the tea industry as well as national and prefectural research agencies that consistently pursued excellence and safety of production. About half of tea production and almost 70 % of distribution in Japan are those made in Shizuoka, which officially makes this prefecture ranked No.1 in production and quality.

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