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Top » leaf » Japanese Green Tea(Houji-Cha) 150g /package set of 6 packages

Japanese Green Tea(Houji-Cha) 150g /package set of 6 packages


150g /package set of 6 packages

Featuring a Strong Aroma of Roasted Tea Leaves

"Houjicha" is Bancha or Sencha that is roasted in high heat for stronger aroma, and popularly served after meals. It has a refreshing flavor with little bitterness.

How to make delicious tea

  1. Put Genmaicha tea leaves into a pot. (About 15g for 5 servings. For fewer servings, put a little more tea leaves per person.)
  2. Pour about 130ml of hot water per person into a pot and wait around 15 seconds for the brewing to finish.
  3. Pour the tea into cups evenly and in rotation until the last drop.

*This is a standard style of tea serving. You can enjoy changes in the amount and temperature of water and the amount of tea etc.

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