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Top » leaf » Japanese Green Tea(Shizu-oka-cha) 72g/package set of 3 package

Japanese Green Tea(Shizu-oka-cha) 72g/package set of 3 package


72g/package set of 3 packages

This is the most popular and typical kind of Japanese tea.

"Sencha" is the most popular Japanese tea and is approximately 85% of tea distributed in the market. Finer product has a better flavor and aroma. "Fukamushicha" is a tea with a milder flavor that cuts down on bitterness through extra steaming.

How to make delicious tea

  1. Pour hot water and fill up to 2/3 of the cup (90ml for a regular tea and 60ml for a finer tea) for each guest to be served, and let it cool down (70℃ for a regular tea and 90℃ for a finer tea).
  2. Put Sencha tea leaves into a pot. For 2-3 servings, about 3g of tea per person. For 1 serving, about 5g per person. For 10 servings, about 2g per person.
  3. Pour the warm water into a pot and wait around 60 seconds (30 seconds for Fukamushicha) for the brewing to finish.
  4. Pour the tea into cups evenly and in rotation to obtain the same taste. Pour all the tea out to the last drop.

*This is a standard style of tea serving. You can enjoy changes in the amount and temperature of water and the amount of tea etc.

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