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Top » etc » Green tea catechin candy  100g /package set of 5 packages

Green tea catechin candy  100g /package set of 5 packages


100g /package set of 5 packages

Healthy Energy Catechin Candy

In the today's health-conscious society, Catechin is at the center of attention. This candy is made of vivid green tea "Catechin." It is obtaining high reputation not only for health but for the delicious flavor.

The candy is made from green tea micro powder of Yabukitacha and highly purified sharp Catechin that is extracted from green tea with our original technique. (Both green teas are produced in Shizuoka.) It contains 1.5g of Catechin in 100g of candy (40~60mg/piece), so if you taste sharp flavor, it is Catechin.

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