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Top » value pack » Japanese Green Tea (Konacha) 500g /package set of 5 packages

Japanese Green Tea (Konacha) 500g /package set of 5 packages


500g /package set of 5 packages

This is a powder tea selected from the final process of Aracha.

It is a value package, great for home use and for restaurants and cafes offering a refreshing taste during and after meals. This deep green colored tea is popularly served at Sushi restaurants.

How to make delicious tea

  1. Put tea leaves into a pot "Kyusu". (About 2-3 tablespoons)
  2. For 1 serving, use 130ml of hot water. Wait for the brewing to finish after pouring hot water into the pot. (About 15 seconds)
  3. Pour the tea into cups evenly and in rotation to obtain the same taste. Pour all the tea out to the last drop.
  4. From the second brewing, tea can be served right away.

*This is a standard style of tea serving. You can enjoy changes in the amount and temperature of water and the amount of tea etc.

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