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Shopping Guide

Payment Method

You can safely process your shopping with PayPal.

  • Order is not confirmed unless payment through PayPal is completed.
  • When the payment is completed, you will receive a confirmation email from PayPal.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is a payment system that enables online remittance between PayPal accounts by using email addresses.
If you have a credit card registered with PayPal account or have a bank account in the U.S, you can use a balance in the account as a source of remittance.
Account information and content of transactions are protected by encrypted transmittance.
You can enjoy shopping without disclosing your credit card information to the other party. Also, you don't need to fill out credit card information and address every time you checkout, which speeds up your payment process.


How to use the Shopping Cart

  1. Put an item to purchase in the Cart.

  2. Review items in the Cart. You can change the numbers of items.

  3. Log in the website.

    If you are a first time shopper, register your account first.
    If you are a returning customer, proceed to log in.

  4. Confirm shipping address.

  5. Confirm billing address.

    We only accept PayPal as a payment method.
    Please see Payment Method for more details.

  6. Confirm the ordering information and proceed to order.

  7. Proceed to PayPal payment.

    If you are new to PayPal, fill out billing information.
    If you have an account, proceed to log in PayPal.
    Please see Payment Method for more information on PayPal.

  8. Confirm the billing information and proceed.

  9. Transaction is completed and your order is processed.

    * Purchase is not completed.
    Click the button to finish up the purchase

  10. Your order has been processed.

    Your order has been processed.Thank you for your purchase order.

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